If there’s a holiday or snow day, when will my trash be picked up?

There are 6 observed holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day). If the holiday or inclement weather event falls before your normal collection day, your collection day will be delayed one day. If the holiday or inclement weather event falls on the weekend, no delay will occur.

What items won’t you pick up with regular waste?

The landfill doesn’t accept the following white goods: washer/dryer, water heater, dish washer, any item that has Freon in it, including dehumidifiers, tires, paint in liquid form, or motor oil. If you have an item not listed that you might not be sure about, please call our office.

Where does my trash go?

All acceptable waste for a landfill goes to the City of Norfolk’s Transfer Station; the city transports it to “Northeast Nebraska Coalition Landfill” near Clarkson, Nebraska. This landfill is owned only by municipalities.
Construction waste goes to a Construction Demolition Landfill (C/D Landfill). This is usually utilized by our roll-off services. “Special Waste” such as asbestos is taken directly to the N.E. Coalition Landfill because of certain regulations related to handling.

With what amount of waste should I call for a special/additional pick up?

If the amount of trash to be picked up is a pick up-sized load or more, please call our office to schedule a special pick up.

Can you pick up hazardous waste?

No, we cannot pick up hazardous waste.